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Fire crews in Zhouqu to meet and rescue site

The newspaper news (reporter Zhang Pengxiang Zhou Hongping correspondent) in Zhouqu to the rescue scene, always played with tears of the story: there is such a father and son,Moncler Outlet, they are the fire soldier, they met in the rescue scene,Zhouqu woman found debris flow evacuation of all s, no joy of reunion,Moncler Outlet, there is mutual encouragement,30 year old daughter dowry money back for the moth, father and son two day force fighting in the rescue line,Moncler,Special love relay 11 years fund poor girls round, touched by the other rescue personnel.
In August 7th 23,www.doudounemonclereshop.com, the Gansu province Gannan Zhouqu County sudden torrential rains, landslides swept across Zhouqu County, half city submerged in the flood.The critical moment, as the national emergency rescue emergency troops of Baiyin police fire brigade received a fire brigade command post,Moncler Pas Cher, Captain Zhao Qingzhi led 30 SWAT officers promptly rushed to the disaster areas of Zhouqu.
Arrived in Gannan after Zhouqu, Captain Zhao Qingzhi according to a superior delineation of rescue area, commander army emergency carrying trapped bury rescue digging work.The team captain Zhao Qing led the rescue team shoulder hand planing in mudslides Zhouqu County East Street Village, he did not think of the Ningxia fire brigade squadron Zhongwei service's son Zhao Zhenyang also follow the army came to the scene,Moncler Jacket, the father and son at a distance of less than 100 meters with a rescue rescue.
Zhao Zhenyang has just received the Kunming school fire command academy adimission notice, and ready to go home to visit my parents.At Gannan Zhouqu large debris flow disasters, he decided to give up and go home with the army to active request Zhouqu floods.
Weekday captain Zhao Qingzhi to submit to discipline, obey the command to teach his son in the army to be a good soldier,www.monclersitoufficialenegozi.com, in the country and the people need time to step forward bravely.Due to the large debris flow disaster in Zhouqu let this two year did not meet the father and son reunion at the scene.
Son is his father's hope, his father was the son of pillar.Although in the rescue scene you not far away,www.moncleroutletboutique.com, but they have no time for reunion and joy, they all knew in their hearts to each minutes of rescue time will make people's heart had some consolation.
They are only in the rescue scene mining rush took the side, and no extra words,Doudoune Moncler, but the father of a son eyes let more sturdy belief, also let him better understood as a soldier, as a soldier son should charge in line to rescue, but because there is such a good father son you feel happy.
As soldiers, they did not leave their troops to reunion; because it is the family, and they had a family of mutual encouragement.So in such a way that no smoke on the battlefield, so that his soldiers moved people.

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Mother bare hands holding the knife uniform daughter

The newspaper news (reporter Ding Wei Li Xiao) in order to protect the only daughter of 5 years old,www.moncleroutletboutique.com, small mother and heinous criminals fight,Doudoune Moncler, with both hands holding the knife,Fishing man fishing rod with high voltage line sho, and ultimately successful uniform robber.
At present, the criminal suspect Gong Mou has been the police punishment.Wang Xiaorong vice establishments located in Mount Emei City, South road.16 days of evening nine twenty, she was ready to shut up shop.
Suddenly,Education Bureau deputy director general to sell Olympic torch money problems (F,Moncler Outlet, a strange man rushed in, grabbed is watch TV's daughter.When Wang Xiaorong had answered a God to come,www.doudounemonclereshop.com,The man is 2.06 meters in height into marriage troubles (Fig, man has produced a sharp knife to her neck."Come on and get the money back,Moncler Outlet!"Face threatening man, an idea is saved the daughter of Wang Xiaorong, without hesitation, straight up and caught the man's knife,Moncler, and then go to hold.
Because the blade,www.monclersitoufficialenegozi.com, the blood was streaming down,Moncler Jacket, but because of the fear of the knife wound to the daughter,Moncler Pas Cher, Wang Xiaorong endure pain did not let go.In the standoff, Wang Xiaorong's husband, Zhang Xiaolin happened to come to the store.
Zhang quickly captured robber knives, and help his wife be uniform.Receiving the alarm, the police quickly rushed to the scene, the robber Gong Mou.Subsequently, Wang Xiaorong was sent to the hospital, fortunately the injury is not very serious.

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Father for saving up for sick daughter treatment tired hematemes

Li Lin's our Xingtai correspondent Zhang Huiwu Xue Rong correspondent text / graph on the morning of 25,Moncler Outlet, the pale Li Lin sat quietly in his room.The family, because Li Lin suffered a series of changes,www.monclersitoufficialenegozi.com, life became much more difficult.
But the gratitude still in each family member's heart, "thank the well-intentioned people to help me,Moncler Jacket, I hope to keep her daughter's life, because she is still young, only 21 years old."Speak is the father of Li Lin Li Fangjun.
The flower girl encounters the disease invasion in December 19,The United States women's adoption of 3 Chinese ch, 2008, graduated from technical secondary school shortly in a store part-time 19 years old girl Li Lin appeared to have a fever and abdominal pain and other symptoms, in the Xingtai Hospital examination and treatment after a few days of high fever is still not back, the Li Lin family moved treatment recommendations.
In January 1,www.doudounemonclereshop.com, 2009,The netizen says in the train station to understanding of migrant workers,Moncler Pas Cher, Li Lin due to high fever hemafecia into provincial hospital inpatient treatment, then we will Li Lin's disease diagnosed with Crohn's disease.According to Li Fangjun's interpretation, "because of wrong diagnosis, bungle illness, in 40 Yu Tian Li Lin deteriorating, to the February 10th transferred to the Peking Union Medical College Hospital for treatment of.
"Peking Union Medical College Hospital the diagnosed as pulmonary tuberculosis, intestinal tuberculosis complicated with intestinal perforation,Moncler, acute peritonitis and other severe complications.At the time due to a serious illness, hospital for emergency operation rescue,www.moncleroutletboutique.com, in basically stable condition, to May 31, 2009, Li Lin was unable to pay medical bills forced discharge.
But Li Lin still required a two operation.The family poverty due to illness on one's uppers according to the reporter, 21 year old Li Lin lives in Xingtai District Dahuoquan East Main Street Park North 'families, parents are ordinary workers in cotton mill, the couple earned only 780 yuan a month.
To cure his daughter, they have spent all their savings in the home.In June 2,Doudoune Moncler, 2010, Li Lin in Beijing 309 Hospital of PLA a third operation.Day around the busy raising money, however illness like a bite money machine, a serious illness and spent a total of 570000 yuan, still owed about 300000 yuan of debt.
Li Lin postoperative need long time to take medicine, still need one thousand yuan monthly fees as well as regular check and recheck, home of the actual situation for the family and committed, watching a child weak body, parents don't know what to do.
Life is saved, but later on one's uppers treatment on a Li Lin is unable to bear.Xingtai "working girl" choose strong Xingtai "working girl" Li Lin arouse more people's response.Because his family was poor and she was unable to hospital check evidence of both parties at court, the Xingtai Municipal Bureau of justice assistance obligations, the cases into "100 per case lawyer, legal aid benefit people's livelihood" collection activities.
The second half of last year, the case in Shijiazhuang City, Xinhua District People's court hearing, by the Xingtai City Legal Aid Center assignment, Hebei Yang era of lawyer Sun Meixia Li Lin for the provision of legal aid, as his agent to participate in the proceedings.
Now, in order to be able to struggle, Li Fangjun had to unload the psychological burden of hard work, "but the hard-earned money quickly into the daughter of medicine, want to give his daughter nutritional supplements, but home can sell things sold.
"After the wind and rain Li Lin has become mature, "I love my father,Juvenile reformatory prison doctor 19 years retire,Moncler Outlet, he sometimes tired hematemesis, the daughter looks in the eye, a pain in my heart."But Li Lin said, however, he will face strong.

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The bus driver in the car since the paste flowers and patterns t

Liu master is pasted heart-shaped flower pattern Chongqing evening news reporter Ren Jun shot 372 bus driver ,42 year old Liu master ,recently learned small light are romantic a -- the day before yesterday afternoon ,he can always go to,he in the compartment layout with many flowers DIY Wall Stickers and a heart-shaped pattern :hope for passengers to create a warm environment ,and to take with him for 8 years ,married his wife at home, love, hope that she will recover soon .
Surprise :car008 flowers yesterday morning ,from the south middle school riding to Chaotianmen Ms. Zhou ,got on a car to feel inside some chic ,the carriage is a lot more embellished ,some plum blossom ,rose ,heart-shaped pattern flower wall compartment dressed up very warm .
Little change, make carriage many warm flavor ,Moncler Outlet,so that passengers feel good . Ms. Zhou said ,often takes the bus passengers were found the changes .She does not know ,these warm Jushi layout ,www.moncleroutletboutique.com,unexpectedly out introverted ,shy 42 year-old driver Liu master hand .
Yesterday afternoon ,www.doudounemonclereshop.com,the Chongqing evening news by Liu master car from Nanping middle school to Chaotianmen ,along the way, many passengers are talking about the car changes . Well ,Pinchao played a li,look at those spam is much better than .
The dozens of pieces of money -- original I still worried about being to sound . Hear passengers praise ,Liu master very pleased ,www.monclersitoufficialenegozi.com,he said ,see the car top surface of a wall and empty ,and decided to stick at his own expense flowers DIY Wall Stickers to dress up .
Let the passengers feel better ,I drive is not so boring . Love sick wife : for rehabilitation ,2001 2002 ,Master Liu and his wife have entered the South Road team ,Liu master when the driver ,his wife when the conductor,Moncler, couples ,a run is 8 years .
Last year, Liu master wife due to illness, together with the road team to cancel the conductor,Moncler Outlet, she left her job and go home .Liu master said ,Master Liu and his wife first partner is March 14th ,we guess ,Liu master put on cars and other moral heart design .
In response, Mr Liu said ,he almost every day in the line on the run, while others work with his wife when shopping, he is still hand steering wheel .In the compartment,Doudoune Moncler, arranging flowers ,he asked the advice of his wife, the wife hears talk ,from home to help his post .
His wife so enthusiastic ,so Liu master feel her on the bus is not, therefore ,he is ready to give his wife a surprise .Before, he never publicly expressed love to his wife .His wife helped put the rose ,plum and other patterns, Liu master with the rest of the wall arranged a heart-shaped pattern .
When it comes to arrange heart design intention ,Liu master some shy ,colleagues to smooth things over for him : you are not to say ,heart-shaped pattern meaning you two in the bus experienced with sweet and hard ? Liu Master said ,heart-shaped pattern is arranged in second rows of seats left love ,is warm reminder ,also thanks to his seat .
Hoping to this unique way of showing his love to his wife ,hope that she will soon be restored to health . Warmth: the road team to promote the Ha ha ,Retired old man picked up 2 gold bars to the bank!He was like a child to learn romance .
In any case ,I was very moved . To learn that her husband heart ,Master Liu wife Ms. Zhang almost choked, she hopes ,warm compartment environment can give more passengers to bring a good mood .
372 road team many drivers Chongqing evening news reporters ,before, also do not know the road team had such an arrangement warm bus . The idea is good, passenger satisfaction ,wife happy ,firm ,provides us with the idea of enhancing service awareness .
Liu master in the carriage, private label flowers near the road team ,where Chung company in the six branch of Party Branch Secretary Xu said ,the details from the start of the warm service is a kind of innovation ,drivers do these efforts ,companies should encourage .
Of course ,the innovation premise is not to take the safety and comfort of adverse effects, and fully consider whether or not to accept the other passengers .Secretary Xu said ,he also received a passenger applaud reflect didn ,therefore ,the company prepared to let Liu master this cozy creative tries to run a few days .
From yesterday trial operation ,the passengers reflects the very good ,therefore ,the road team has decided ,in the team Road extension master Liu warm service .( Chongqing Evening News Hotline 966988 thank Ms.
Zhou provide clues ) Chongqing evening news chief reporter Xia Xiangzhou father loves to guess riddles written on lanterns son wedding scene guests guess Chongqing evening news this wedding very offbeat ,new field to hang out more than 140 riddles written on lanterns have guest -- the day before yesterday ,the special wedding in Yubei District golden shoe flower hotel .
The father of the groom wedding creative people ,Zhang Zhaoyang said ,he and his friends are riddles written on lanterns fans ,so decided to use a way to express the blessing of the couple .
I for more than 1 months ,the Chongqing Association of riddles written on lanterns friends have called for help . Zhang said the father, the wedding ceremony scene altogether more than 140 riddles written on lanterns hanging part ,guess the prizes, attracted many hotel employees also ran to guess .
The wedding of the half, a father since writing 50 puzzle was honored guests guess . The most interesting is the new host of the worship of heaven and earth, gave a rich couples let you guess the riddles written on lanterns ,the answer is a prize .
Guest Zhang Jian said ,the riddles written on lanterns let everyone guess, finally get the prize: a piece of money .Bridegroom Zhang Anyu said ,when ,he is a master ,and later as a result of studies not to continue development .
His father to design this wedding ,let him restore childhood happiness : thanks dad ,Moncler Pas Cher,the whole family are all very happy . It is reported ,two years ago,Moncler Jacket, the groom and bride of Zhang Anyu through the Zhao Lingli network singing game acquaintance, as far away as Liaoning province Fushun city Zhao Lingli resign in chongqing .

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A boy of 23 delayed engagement donation hematopoie

JournalistLi Xiaomin Jiao Hanxiao intern reporter Du Xiaowei Wu Xiang intern graph paper to read it in order to save, he postponed the engagement date ,into the ward ,donated haematopoietic stem cell ;the love touched, his unit leader know ,deliberately rushed to Zhengzhou ,the elderly back to,as he and his girlfriend in the ward,www.doudounemonclereshop.com, holding the betrothal ceremony ,and gave it the sweet love a diamond ring .
Yesterday afternoon twelve thirty ,in Provincial Tumor hospital wards, cattle ,and his girlfriend in the special engagement ceremony moved all the people present .He donated bone marrow to save the ox tongue ,23 years old ,from Jiaozuo County Su for a rural village ,is a good friend of tire limited company employees .
In May 7th this year, the Jiaozuo City Red Cross organization and a square ,he joined the Chinese hematopoietic stem cell donor database ,Moncler Outlet,to be a voluntary hematopoietic stem cell donor .On August 24th, Chinese hematopoietic stem cell donor database to transmit a message, the ox tongue and a Shandong leukemia patients with HLA ( human leukocyte antigen ) beginning with success , this proves I ,a save opportunity .
When the Jiaozuo City Red Cross staff will be the news to cattle ,timeout ,the ox tongue of very active ,willing to fulfill the promise of high .Good results show ,he and the patients with HLA type perfectly .
On October, in Jiaozuo City, the Red Cross of the arrangement, the ox tongue super conducted a comprehensive physical examination ,and ultimately determine ,do the housework so,November 18th implementation of donation .
In 18 ,the Provincial Tumor Hospital stem cell collection chamber ,the ox tongue of lying in bed ,stretched out his arm ,donated the seeds of life ,and he has become my province to 172nd donation hematopoietic stem cell donation .
Delay the engagement date on November 18th ,is the ox tongue and girlfriend Li Hongling engagement date . Never think so clever . Yesterday, in the ward ,21 year-old Li Hongling sat in the shin of beef over bed for a while ,he pulls the was ,China Securities Investment Funds in 2010 first half of the,for a while he wiped his hands ,looking at the forthcoming with his men ,Doudoune Moncler,her heart is filled with sweet .
The ox tongue and Li Hongling worked in a factory ,due to the frequent contact ,Moncler,two alternate love ,fall in love, after both parents after approval ,decided in November 18th to hold the engagement ceremony .
super he was caring ,often go to donate blood . Refer to her boyfriend ,Li Hongling is proud .In October this year, the ox tongue in patients with hyper and matching is successful, Li Hongling accompanied him to hospital for examination ,and said ,if it is determined that the donation to date ,Moncler Jacket,will accompany him .
Donation date ,The cleaning lady picked up thousands of Yuan sear,November 18th, and the engagement date conflict .Cattle ,first time to call Li Hongling ,suggested postponing the engagement date .Without any hesitation ,Li Hongling agreed , of course, the important thing is to save lives .
Hospital held the engagement ceremony it privately ,however ,in cattle ,super ready to leave to Zhengzhou to donate ,unit leaders know this matter . is a good thing, why not make good on the same day of happiness ? The ox tongue ultra unit where the leadership know ,decided to cattle ,ultra hold a special engagement ceremony .
Yesterday afternoon 12 when ,www.monclersitoufficialenegozi.com,donated over, the ox tongue super in the company of Li Hongling out of the room .Ward ,the ox tongue super colleagues ,relatives ,friends had to wait here ,a special engagement ceremony mounted thereon .
Cattle super plant is our pride ,is an example to everyone . The ceremony, the ox tongue of a leader for the two lovers to send a representative eternal ring .Li Hongling Xiao Aichi old smile face .
He is a good boy, enthusiastic love . Xiao Aichi said , he is so caring for strangers ,my daughter must have good future . The ceremony scene ,specifically from the General Hospital of Jinan Military Area rushed to Zhengzhou to meet the seeds of life doctor Yu Qingqing also very moved .
,Moncler Pas Cher,a boy so love,www.moncleroutletboutique.com, bless them . Yu Qingqing says ,Haitong Securities market botto,is for patients who undergo bone marrow transplantation is a guy ,and the ox tongue over age .It is understood ,last night, in green with the ox tongue of hematopoietic stem cell overnight train to Shandong, expect ,this morning, these seeds of life will be input into the body of a patient .
Extending the 1900 volunteers were donated to China hematopoietic stem cell donors database of Henan library director Zhang Shuhuan, China hematopoietic stem cell donors database since 2001 since the relaunch ,Moncler Outlet,down from 74br,1900 volunteers for leukemia patients successful donation hematopoietic stem cells .

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